Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Raping the countryside to attempt to boost the economy is vile political short termism

This article illustrates the stupidity of destroying our precious countryside for the sake of a short term fix for the UK economy

The coalition feels they have the right to rape the countryside to stimulate growth in the flagging UK economy. They should remember we are the custodians of our beautiful green land and building development on green belt sites is an irreversible process.

The coalition's argument mirrors the foolish notion of encouraging immigration as a short term measure to deal with pensions crisis in an ageing population in an already heavily overpopulated country. It is a short term fix that will need to be re-fed once the immigrants brought in for that fix themselves retire and require money for their own pensions. The natural answer then is to increase the population further.

The analogy is that of bacteria multiplying rapidly in a Petri dish. The bacteria multiply very quickly and appear to flourish in vast numbers. There comes a time when the food source in the Petri dish suddenly comes to an end and then the bacteria die in their billions.

We need to see sensible custodianship of our country by our politicians and not quick fix policies like raping our rural assets and costly PFI public service developments that are designed to show the public how wonderful our politicians are. The costs of this political narcissism are just too high on us all.

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  1. I say old boy has some wicked witch turned you into a bulldog. We're all
    immigrants you know, someone let our forefathers and mothers in. Michael
    Howard's own father is Roumanian, I understand. Nevertheless this
    immigration thing puzzles me somewhat - we haven't got jobs for them, where
    are they going to go?

    As for the rape of the countryside well, its suffered a right royal gangbang
    since the 70s. In that decade alone we lost one third of our flora, fauna
    and butterflies. Sounds like a repeat performance of the Great Leap Forward.

    So your not a fan of this government then, but they are sort of Tories
    aren't they? I mean you lot have got into bed with liars, you know that. To
    my mind the LibDems can turn water into wine, but I don't care - they lied.
    The Tories didn't. I'm not a fan as you know, but the worst one can say of
    them is that they haven't quite been able deliver on what they would have
    liked. The LibDems on the other hand have betrayed their electorate and are
    in under false pretences. Flushed PR down the loo and damn good job. That
    illusion of democracy should have been washed away years ago. We should be
    thankful for the wake up call.

    Anyway that's me off my white horse, I have a rather nice bottle of Shiraz
    Mataro 2009 to quaff. Would prefer to be drinking it with you both and this
    we really must sort out - and what about Oxford?

    Fondest regards to you and Rachel,