Saturday, 10 December 2011

Complaint to BBC re Institutional Bias

I sent the following complaint to the BBC today. I shall be posting their no doubt lame comment.

"I was appalled to wake up to the BBC breakfast news reporter from the EU summit spouting hysterical hyperbole over Cameron's veto. After an agonizingly biased diatribe, I eventually changed channel to Sky News where I was warmly greeted with an eminently more balanced discussion of the veto. On this channel, David Buik from BCG partners gave a very refreshing and sensible statement over the importance of protecting our financial services industry from potentially ruinous proposed centrally agreed transaction taxes. The presenters themselves asked very sensible questions and generated interesting opinions. The BBC news coverage since this demonstration of biased hysteria has simply not been able to hide its pro European position and once again it has required the paper press and bloggers to uncover the institutional bias that, like a cancer, just cannot seem to be stamped out of the BBC. No doubt, (as you always do when responding to accusations of bias), point out other pieces of BBC coverage that do have a balanced debate and you will convince yourselves and try to convince me that that is commensurate with impartiality. The fact that your opening coverage of the summit was so candidly critical of Cameron's decision rather negates this as answer to accusations of bias. I accuse you of once again violating your duty to impartiality and state my resentment of the mandatory licence fee the TV viewing nation has, by law, to pay to hear this form of State run propaganda. "

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